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Case Study

How LDR-Ai helped in a contract litigation case


Case Study: Accelerated Legal Support and Client Cost Reduction in a Contract Violation Case

Situation: A lawyer at a leading Salt Lake City law firm was handling a plaintiff's case in a state district court involving a contract violation dispute. The attorney, confronted with a demanding deadline, turned to LDR-Ai for assistance in creating four documents in response to the defendant's "Opposition to Motion for Leave to File First Amended Complaint."


Approach: Within a 24-hour timeframe, LDR-Ai efficiently produced the following:

  1. An analysis of the defendant's opposition (Simple)

  2. A draft reply supporting the initial motion to submit the first amended complaint (Standard)

  3. A client communication outlining the opposition and planned response (Simple)

  4. A request to submit the case for resolution (Standard)


Outcome: The attorney submitted the reply within 48 hours, well before the 7-day deadline stipulated by the Utah Rules of Civil Procedure. Utilizing LDR-Ai's services resulted in substantial cost savings for the client. Under normal circumstances, these tasks would have taken 8 hours at the attorney's hourly rate of $425, totaling $3,400.

By employing LDR-Ai, the attorney only spent 2 hours assigning and reviewing the documents for submission or communication. The cost for LDR-Ai, including the standard 20% firm markup, was $900 ($150 each for the Simple documents and $300 each for the Standard documents).

The overall expense for the client was $900 for LDR-Ai services, plus 2 hours at $425 per hour ($850), culminating in a total cost of $1,750. This signifies a savings of $1,650 compared to the conventional method, showcasing the monetary advantages of using LDR-Ai.


This case study demonstrates how LDR-Ai can offer timely, invaluable support to attorneys across various legal matters while simultaneously reducing costs for their clients. Featuring this case study on the website can help prospective clients comprehend the benefits of employing LDR-Ai and its potential to elevate their legal practice.

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