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Providing attorneys with cutting-edge AI-driven solutions, expertly guided by a seasoned legal professional, to gain a competitive advantage in litigation and embrace the inevitable future of AI in the legal industry.

LDR-Ai's Story

As a practicing attorney for 20 years, I experienced firsthand the time-consuming nature of legal research and document preparation. Embracing AI and GPT technology, I discovered a more efficient way to deliver top-notch legal services, backed by my extensive experience and expertise.


LDR Ai was born to provide innovative AI-driven legal assistance, empowering attorneys to outperform competitors and serve clients effectively. With significant victories in district courts, court of appeals, and the Utah Supreme Court, I bring a wealth of knowledge and the irreplaceable human touch to every AI-generated output.


Don't miss the opportunity to stay ahead in the legal field by partnering with LDR Ai. Experience the benefits of AI and GPT, and ensure you don't fall behind in the rapidly evolving world of law.

How We Give You the Edge over the Opponent, Opposing Counsel, and the Court

Legal Document Drafting

 Expertly crafted legal documents, such as motions, pleadings, briefs, memos, and letters, generated with the assistance of AI technology and tailored to your specific needs.

Litigation Wargaming

Revolutionary AI-driven litigation support that simulates case scenarios, helping attorneys prepare stronger arguments and anticipate opposing strategies.

Research & Analysis

Efficient and thorough AI-enhanced legal research, delivering valuable insights and analysis to support your case or legal project.

Time & Cost Efficiency

Cutting-edge AI technology combined with expert human oversight to provide top-notch legal assistance at a fraction of the traditional cost and time commitment.


Sarah - Family Law Attorney

"LDR-Ai prepared child custody and support modification documents for a family law case, enabling me to focus on providing emotional support to my client. Their AI-assisted work was of high quality and made a noticeable difference."

January 2023

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